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City Club events occur on the first and third Thursday of every month, beginning at noon and ending at 1:00 p.m. We meet at the Hilton Garden Inn, 3285 Gateway Street.

The meeting involves a presentation of about 25 minutes followed by a period when each table can discuss the presentation and prepare a question to be asked by the table

Advance registration is not required. Payments can be made at the event.

Election season is here. Don’t miss these City Club programs.

September 20: Measure 102: Bonding to Support Affordable housing

October 11: Measures 103 and 104 – Limits on Taxes and Fees

October 18: Springfield General Obligation Bond for Streets

Oregon has a constitutional provision which prohibits the state and other governments from "lending their credit" to private entities. The Oregon Supreme Court has interpreted this to prohibit governments from issuing general obligation bonds if the proceeds will be used by a private entity. Measure 102 will modify this prohibition by permitting such bonds under certain conditions, when the purpose is to fund affordable housing. It does not authorize the issuance of any bonds. It only permits local governments to seek voter approval of bonds, under terms and conditions, including repayment and security provisions, that the voters set in the bond measure.

Measure 103 would prohibit taxes on ”groceries” defined as anything that is made for eating or drinking, except alcohol. Measure 104 would require a 3/5 vote of the Legislature on any measure that results in increased revenue, including measures that eliminate deductions and credits, and any increase in fees (like fishing licenses, or other licenses or charges). Both measures are constitutional amendments.

The City of Springfield proposes to sell $10 million in general obligation bonds, to be repaid from property taxes, to pay for preservation and maintenance of a defined list of streets.